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Sectional Doors

Strict Boundaries? No Problem!

These garage doors run smoothly on tracks within the confines of your garage so that the door never protrudes or otherwise blocks the vertical line of the structure. Perfect don’t you think?

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The sectional garage door has increased in popularity over the last few years and would be our recommended solution for the majority of our customers with unrivalled operation and durability. Its recognisable framework and retracting slats which slide, either manually or automatically, straight with no outward swing is an instant benefit for many customers.

This door is perfect for reducing the space needed to operate and for maximising clearance. If you’re not sure about your available space or if said space is at a premium take a look at our side hinged doors or roller doors for something a little different.

The insulation and weatherproof quality of the materials we use for our sectional doors mean that it can be the perfect solution for a secure, contained and temperature regulated environment. Explore our sectional doors below.

The Benefits

Increased Security

Efficient Insulation

Automatic Locking

Classic Sectional Door

A sectional garage door is ideal for several reasons. Stylistically, it sets a distinguished tone. It’s perfect for denser residential settings, or for driveways which have very tight vertical space constraints. When the sectional garage door opens, it seems to disappear into the structure itself, as panel by panel gently recedes from view.

Unlike roller doors, sectional garage doors can be furnished with a variety of features, including windows, cast-iron fixtures, or ornamental scroll work. Depending on the budget, incredibly distinctive fixtures can be custom designed to the owner’s specifications.

Sliding Sectional Door

The side sliding sectional door is intended for special fitting situations, in contrast to our up-and-over door, classic sectional door or roller doors, this door (as it’s name suggests) opens to the side instead of upwards. This is especially advantageous if, for example, the garage ceiling must remain free to store items (e.g. equipment, ladders) or the door leaf cannot be stowed underneath or fixed to the ceiling due to construction reasons (sloped roof, low lintel or other obstruction). This door also features the ability to be partially opened to allow pedestrian access and is an incredibly versatile space saving solution.


Sectional doors can be designed to fit virtually any height or space constraints. Those individuals or companies who drive lorries can specify tailor sectional doors to suit their vehicles. Sectional doors can be programmed to remain half-open for those individuals who enjoy working in the garage during the day. Of course, in adverse weather, adding windows to the garage door can provide enough light to make working inside the garage even easier while keeping out the worst of the temperamental Scottish climate.

Materials & Finishes

While available in a number of different materials, including wood, steel and aluminium, our sectional doors are most often purchased as steel. This gives the door the security and durability that many of our customers value most.

Our skilled fitters ensure that the rubber linings along the base and edges of the door can create a weatherproof perimeter, the tightly engineered connections between each panel stand up well to severe wind and storms. The material of the panels themselves are coated with weatherproof glazing, making them resistant to rain, sleet, and snow. This door type is an excellent investment for property owners looking for durability, style at a reasonable cost.

Opening Options

Electric/Manual Opening

Remote Controlled

Mobile Phone Application

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