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Secure your property with high quality barrier and bollard systems.

Whether you need to control access to your property or just control traffic flow our series of CAME BPT barriers and bollards will exceed your expectations.

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The traditional arm barrier systems are one of the most popular traffic management options available. Their enduring style, reasonable cost and adaptability help them continue to fit the bill for most. Our barrier systems help to control traffic into car parks and properties, prevent entry to unwanted visitors or limit access to authorised personnel. These barriers are suitable for commercial and domestic situations so no matter your requirements we will help choose the right option for you.

The Benefits

Greater Accessibility

Lockless Access

Seamless Experience


If your domestic property is plagued by local shoppers, commuters and nearby residents then our barriers might be exactly what you need. Maintain exclusive access to your own property or for your residents only with a simple selection of accessible barriers. Whether access will be by digital, radio or keypad our supplier’s collection will ensure you find the exact fit for your needs.


For a higher level of security bollards are the ultimate in protection and control. Fantastic for commercial and industrial access uses our bollards look professional, strong and support a thriving professional environment. Whether you’re working with sensitive access materials or simply operating a delivery only policy, bollards are great for allowing pedestrian access to your employees and residents while preventing unauthorised vehicle access. All our barriers are designed withstand significant impact and are some of the most well respected on the market.

Opening Options

Mobile App

The CAME Automation app allows you to connect with compatible systems and open/close and stop your barrier from your phone. There are also options to diagnose malfunctions, manage several barriers and check operator status. This app makes everything simple and elegant and you’ll wonder why you ever did it differently.


This Top remote is a fantastic secure way for giving access to your security barriers. One remote can be connected to multiple operators and requires no setting for frequency. The remote is available in six different colours and can come in two or four channel options. Get in touch for more information on all the available remote options and which systems are compatible.

Digital Keypad

A timeless classic aluminium and stainless-steel keypad for easy and tactile entry. The materials give it superb durability and the anti-tampering system helps to make this one of the most secure ways to access your property. Our team can advise on which technical system suits your needs best, but this option is compatible with the majority of operators.

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